The ongoing challenges surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have taken their toll on every aspect of our lives. Not only are we facing severe restrictions on our freedoms, but we’re constantly bombarded with bad news. Just when we think we can see the light, another wave comes along.

Right now, as we face a third wave of rising infections, isn’t the time to give up. We must remain strong in mind and body if we’re to see this through.

These are our top positivity tips to keep your spirits up and help you stay on the right mental track:

Avoid Bad News

It’s a fact that over sensationalised bad news sells newspapers. So, rather avoid social media focussed on negativity and conspiracy theories. Instead, take time to look for positives in your own environment. Across the country, people are rallying together to support each other in this time of need. Get involved and rather fill you mind with stories about the power of human collaboration and compassion.

Control Your Environment

Focus on the things you can control. Take good care of yourself by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Try to keep your friends’ spirits up by spreading good news and inspiration. Respect others’ views but don’t get involved in negative debates. You determine your own reality – make it a good one.

Support Your Community

Everyone’s facing unprecedented financial hardship at the moment, so make the little you have go that little bit further. Wherever you can do so safely offer to help with charity initiatives. Support your local vendors instead of huge retail outlets. Helping others to put food on the table can help boost your sense of self-worth and purpose.

Use Gratitude Lists

Things might seem really grim right now but write down five things you have to be grateful for every morning. If you have a roof over your head, your health, and your family, you’re streaks ahead of thousands of other people. Dwell on your gratitude list and learn to genuinely appreciate what you have.

Make Quality Time Happen

Spending months cooped up with the same people has its challenges, but you can make the most of it. Take this time to get to know your family and share experiences, thoughts, and feelings with them. You might never get this opportunity again.

Stick It Out

Depression and anxiety are rampant across the world right now, and it’s hard to stay positive during these trying times. These small concrete steps are proven to help you feel more positive and avoid stress.

The last thing you need right now is ongoing depression, so start small and keep looking for ways to stay positive during these trying times.