Do you feel like you might snap at any minute? Do you find yourself lashing out at loved ones for the slightest reason? You’re not alone.

Outbursts of anger are everywhere. Arguments abound in grocery stores, on social media, and in the workplace, and this was happening long before the mob violence and killings which spread from KZN to Gauteng.

Violence, such as the mob justice we witnessed in our beloved country over the last few weeks, is usually triggered by a culmination of anger and frustration accumulated over time.

Violence does not usually occur in a vacuum. While recent events claim to have been triggered by political protests, add to this a pandemic, lockdown, the corruption and pillaging of state owned enterprises and the abject poverty that many continue to live in, and we had a melting pot of anger just waiting for an excuse to be triggered.

Find out more about this phenomenon and try these anger management tips to help you cope.

There Are So Many Reasons to Feel Frustrated Right Now

After over a year of confinement and strict regulations that hamper the way we do things, and an abundance of stress, something has to give somewhere.

Exercise, entertainment, and social activities are natural stress relievers – and they’ve all been on and off the cards for some time now.

Without these usual outlets, it’s only natural that stress and frustration will build up.

What’s more most of us are worried about the future, our health and that of loved ones, and economic difficulties across the nation.

We’re all faced with extra burdens relating to financial stress and activities like home schooling, working from home, or childcare. It’s important to remain conscious of why you’re so angry and do everything you can to alleviate the situation.

Anger Management Tips

First and foremost, it’s important to modify and maintain your usual social interactions. Talking to others who are going through the same thing can help take a load off your chest.

So, keep in touch with your colleagues that you used to talk to. Get on the phone and talk to family members you might have been neglecting and reach out to your community at every opportunity.

When you feel anger mounting up, pause, breathe, and reflect. Identify the source of your rage before you lash out and focus on positive steps you can take to alleviate it.

Get as much exercise as you can. A walk or a yoga session can do much to banish stress and get your mind back on track.

If you really can’t cope, reach out for professional help. Anger and stress benefit no one and there’s no shame in taking concrete steps to relieve it.

The Way Forward

Reading articles like this one are a good start on your journey toward peace of mind in difficult times.

Browse our blog for more information in dealing with these unparalleled times. Remember, if you’ve lost a loved one to COVID, you can pay tribute to them on our wall and take the first step toward dealing with grief and fear.