Managing Your Emotions with Four Key Emotional Intelligence Skills

We all know that IQ measures our ability to pass a series of mental tests, but what is EQ. EQ is a measure of our Emotional intelligence which forms a part of our coping resources.

Now, it may come as a surprise that our emotions have an intelligence of their own, but its these abilities that rise to the fore in times of crisis.

These are the four key emotional intelligence coping skills:

Self-Awareness – Intrapersonal Skills

Self-awareness means being conscious of your feelings and what you think about them. When you act out on your feelings without thought you feed negative emotions and worsen any situation.

Rather, consider why you’re feeling the way you are and take steps to soothe this emotion. For instance, if you’re feeling anxious or angry don’t lash out at everyone around you, rather use anxiety beating tactics like meditation or breathing exercises to quell your feelings. You’ll find any situation easier to deal with when you’re calm.

Social Awareness – Interpersonal Skills

Social awareness incorporates a degree of empathy. When you try to understand how others around you feel, it’s easier to diffuse a situation. At these times its natural for people to feel fear, stress, and anxiety. Focus on helping them through these emotions, rather than their reactions to them.

Relationship Management – Social Skills

Your ability to manage relationships, hinges on social awareness. During a crisis, you’ll need to deal with strained relationships at work, school, and at home. Consider relationship management as a type of ‘’friendliness with purpose’’.

Relationship management focuses on inspiring others to resolve conflicts amicably, promote teamwork, and face uncertainties more confidently.

Self-Control – Cognitive Skills

All the above emotional intelligences rely on your capacity for self-control. In times of crisis, we automatically revert to an instinctual ‘fight or flight’ response. Self-control is the ability to kick logic and reason back into action when you feel these emotions creeping in.

In times of crisis, you need all the help you can get from intelligent thought processes, not instinctual reactions. Mindfulness exercises can help your come back to a state of emotional balance.

You Have the Coping Resources to Do This

Everyone has the capacity to harness these coping resources in any situation. It all starts with stepping back, taking a deep breath, and carefully considering how to manage any situation.

You have the ability to deal with whatever the pandemic throws your way; you just need to work on enhancing what you have and never giving up.

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