Making Your Own COVID Vaccination Choices

Are you going to play your role in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by getting vaccinated? Perhaps you have already made what you believe to be the right choice to get vaccinated and have had one or even both of your jabs by now?

Vaccinations are proven to stop killer diseases like rubella, polio, and other flus over time, yet there are many people who refuse to get on board for various reasons.

No doubt you’ve come across these anti-vaxers on social media and in real life. It’s vital to remember that your vaccination choices are yours alone, and these people are equally entitled to their opinion.

Here’s how to deal with this new type of conflict if you find yourself under attack from those who choose not to get the jab

Know Who You’re Dealing With

There will always be people who forego certain activities due to their religion or cultural beliefs.

Historically, these people make up only a small percentage of the population and have little effect on disarming the power of vaccines. They’re entitled to stick to their beliefs and customs, and as much as you may want to, it’s best not to engage in debate with them.

Anyone who’s refusing to get vaccinated is likely fuelled by a fear of the unknown. There are few of us brave enough to ‘go where no man has gone before’. Yet, there’s enough evidence to prove that the vaccine is working and has very few side effects, so far.

Keep this in mind when talking to these folks and chat (rather than debate) with them from an understanding rather than a judgemental point of view.

Ignore Misinformation About the COVID Vaccine

Social media is the modern day grapevine of sensationalist and incorrect information. There’s no point in fighting these kinds of rumours and fake news with anything but facts.

Encourage anti-vaxxers to seek scientific facts in support of these arguments, instead of taking other people’s opinions at face value.

Check every ‘fact’ before you believe it yourself, so you’re pre-armed when anti-vaccination arguments crop up that you simply can’t avoid.

Myth Debunking Strategies

It’s important to state the truth i.e., scientifically-proven facts, in a clear concise way without anger or sarcasm.

Explain why the myth cannot be true by stating these facts as many times as you need and stay aware of the language you use. For instance, ‘’herd immunity’’ has negative connotations, while ‘’community immunity’’ sounds a lot better. Remind them that vaccine hesitancy is a threat to global health and that sometimes we have to make a selfless choice.

Stories that link cause and effect can come in handy here, too. You can also use real-life examples of people you know who’ve had the vaccine with no ill effects.

Standing Together in Complicated Times

The most important thing to keep in mind, is that the coronavirus is the real enemy here, not the COVID vaccination or anti-vaxxers, not the government, and not the illuminati, Bill Gates, or 5G.

At last, we have a concrete solution to our COVID problem, so let’s embrace it with both hands and get this done! Browse our blog for more motivational pieces to help keep you going.