Round about now, we’re all a little sick of the sight of each other, right? Months of confinement followed by a restriction on outings or getting to see friends is getting under everyone’s skin. Add to this the fact that many parents have had to become the main social interaction outlet for their children, it’s little wonder that we are all feeling vulnerable.

It’s only natural that frustration-led family conflict will break out among family members from time too. Both adults and kids seem embroiled in endless squabbling matches and there’s seemingly no relief in sight.

There’s no way out of this one, so let’s focus instead on what we can do to relieve the tension and keep our families strong

Building Sibling Bonds

If your children seem to be at each other’s throats all the time, here’s what you should do:

  • Observe their interactions and promote activities that don’t end in a fight
  • Never interrupt them when they’re playing happily together
  • Put them in charge of a task or project together
  • If you have more than two children, designate special time for two of them to play together

Remember that children cope with concepts like grief differently and take steps to help them through it.

Bringing Families Closer Together

Taking care of yourself is the first step toward family harmony. When you’re in a good frame of mind, you’re less likely to become embroiled in fights and disagreements.

Extra tips for promoting family bliss include:

  • Regularly doing things together, like playing a board game
  • Working together on chores and other daily tasks
  • If you’re only talking via video chat, stick to a regular schedule of talks

Build Strong Family Bonds While you Have the Opportunity

Remember, there are people out there who’ve been left without any family ties as a consequence of the pandemic, so practice gratitude and appreciation for yours.

When things get back to normal, you’ll all go about your own lives again. Make the most of this time to smooth over family conflict and build strong bonds.