Mr Shaheen Barmania

2021-09-26T15:11:34+02:00January 29th, 2021|Western Cape|

He is also remembered as a guy with a big heart and open hand who liked to give back to his community. He was an example to many in the Plain, a true proof that someone from Mitchells Plain can be known in a positive light nationally and internationally. He was someone who gave people chances. He was very involved in the promotion of legal track racing. Barmania was an inspiration to many and proved that it is not impossible to achieve your dream.

Miss Althea Speelman

2021-04-08T11:04:48+02:00January 29th, 2021|Eastern Cape|

Miss Speelman has always been about creating lasting relationships, especially with her former learners when she boasts about their achievements with so much pride. She loved seeing others excel in life. She played a huge role in a lot of her learner's lives, inspiring them to rise above their circumstances (which they did, as many has emancipated themselves from the shackles of their poverty)🙏She had a unique way of creating and leaving lasting impressions, her passing speaks volumes thereof.

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