How to Manage Back to Work Anxiety

So far, South Africa’s COVID journey has been long, difficult, and unpredictable. So, if you’ve been working from home all this time and your boss wants you back at your desk, it’s understandable that you feel a little anxious.

Here’s how to ally your back to work fears.

Commuting Concerns

Public transport is fraught with risk at the best of times, but there are ways to keep yourself safe from viruses on the way to work. The best fix for your fears is to get vaccinated, wear a mask, and keep your distance from other commuters.

Sharing at Work

Most businesses have rearranged things to help keep their employees safe, so you’ll probably find your workplace layout has changed a bit since you were last there.

However, it’s almost impossible to get away from sharing things like communal bathrooms, kitchens, desks, and meeting rooms. Your best defence in these instances is a bottle of hand sanitiser and a mask. Sanitise everything you touch first and try to bring your own meals to work if possible.

Dealing With Changed Routines

Change is unsettling at the best of times and chances are you’ve just fallen into your groove with working from home. Remember, when you first transitioned to working from home, you felt the same way.

You’ll adjust over time, but it’s important to stay focussed on new productive habits that you’ve learned in the last eighteen months. You can still make time for self-care, family time, and leisure.

Speak Up

It’s vital to voice your concerns to your employer. Unless you let them know what’s worrying you, they can’t make adjustments to help ease the transition.

Ultimately, it’s in their interests to maintain a healthy productive workforce, so it makes sense to take their employees concerns to heart.

While everyone has the right to decide, encouraging employees and colleagues to vaccinate is a responsible approach to returning to some sense of normalcy in the office and our personal lives. Remind those that are hesitant that in choosing to get a COVID vaccine they are helping to change the trajectory of this pandemic.

Many businesses are transitioning to a more flexible work routine that features both in-office and work from home aspects. Your employer might consider this option if it suits enough people.

We’ve all been through a huge learning curve of late, so keep in mind that you’ve survived the worst already and things can only get better from here on if we all work together to get back on track.

Remember a loved one

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