Looking Forward to a Better Future

Once upon a time, mankind moved freely upon the Earth, troubled only by daily cares such as deadlines, traffic jams and other aspects of daily life. We ate, drank, worked to improve our lot, and made merry with gay abandon, celebrating our freedom and mastery over the planet without ever really looking forward.

Then, something so small that’s it’s barely discernible under a microscope changed all that. One tiny virus sent billions of people scuttling for cover, isolated from friends, family, and familiar routines.

All at once, a better future seemed like a distant, unreachable dream.

Everyone’s suffered in some way during the coronavirus pandemic. Millions have lost their lives and millions their livelihood. We’ve turned inward, cowering indoors, and venturing out only when absolutely necessary.

Industries have crumbled under the weight of this tiny organism, and others have limped along somehow.

Through it all we’ve binge-watched everything we can, meditated, exercised, and spent more time than ever with our immediate families. We’ve grown our own food, gone without luxuries, learnt how little we really need to get by, and gained a new appreciation for the ability to breathe.

Human Nature Under Fire

Meanwhile, amidst the destruction, death, and fear, something else took root in humankind. As we ventured within our own psyche in search of ourselves, we gained clearer perspectives about each other, too.

Small acts of kindness became a feature of daily life, while huge humanitarian projects dominated front page news.

People started to look out for each other more, despite social distancing, masks, and a dearth of hugs and handshakes. So, despite the ravages of these devastating times, the new normal doesn’t seem half as scary as it once did.

This change toward a more caring, inclusive, and cooperative society can prevail, if we all work together to uphold the good that came out of bad times, as a tribute to those who died in the fight.

Moving Forward in a Time of Loss

So, remember those who’ve paid the ultimate price for this new outlook and promise of a better future, and honour them by continuing the trend toward looking out for each other in times of need.

If you want the world to know just how special your loved ones were, memorialise them on our wall and we’ll keep their legacy safe, for all to see.