If you’ve lost a loved one due to the ravages of COVID-19, chances are you’re still reeling from the shock and it seems like you’ll never be the same again. Your thoughts can’t even begin to consider a life after loss.

While it’s important to mourn and experience the learning that grief has to offer, it’s equally important that you don’t sink into a pit of despair that you can’t get out of.

Here’s what to do when you’re ready to embrace your new normal.

Get Moving

It’s a common mistake to stay at home and wait for the turmoil to pass when you’re mourning a loved one. Yet, if you find yourself turning down invitations and spending all your free time on the couch for months on end, it’s time to move on.

Start small by taking steps to care for yourself. Get up and cook a healthy meal instead of ordering takeaways.

Go to the gym or take a walk to clear your mind, even if it’s just once a week for starters. You’ll find that exercise does a lot to improve your state of mind.

When you cut yourself off from the outside world, you’ll only feel worse. Reaching out to others is the first step towards healing.

Life after loss

Once you’ve taken these first small steps towards normality, and you’re starting to feel a little more like your usual self, try these tips for getting back on track:

  • Set up an hourly schedule of tasks to get through each day
  • Make sure you pencil in some of the activities you used to enjoy
  • Get a friend on board to help you stick to these goals
  • Set a start date for your new daily routine and get started

It’s important that you don’t give up. There will be days when you’re simply not able to complete every item on your list, and that’s okay.

Keep pushing forward and before long, the grief will give way to happy memories, and you’ll find yourself able to smile and enjoy your life once again. After all, that’s what your loved one would want most.

Remember, we’re all in this together so keep checking back for more information on how to cope with grief. We’re here for you.