At times it may seem like life’s becoming a living nightmare, but what do you do when your sleep routine’s suffering from bad dreams and real nightmares?

A dream survey conducted by an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, shows that increasing numbers of people are suffering from sleep deprivation due to bad dreams.

These may feature sensations of being chased by invisible monsters or by small insects. Perhaps your dreams feature other terrifying visions of trying to escape from a confined space.

You’re not losing your mind. These vivid nightmares reflect the way that your brain’s processing the very real invisible threat that we’re bombarded with daily in the media and online.

How to Deal with Bad Dreams and Nightmares

Your dreams reflect your state of mind, so they’re part of something you can control. Focussing on anger, fear and negative emotions will result in bad dreams and disturbed sleep.

One way to combat this is to ensure you go to bed in a relaxed state. Meditate, listen to music, or watch a show that fills you with good vibes before you retire.

A cup of camomile tea can help soothe your mental state and relax your body, as can a warm bath.

You can control the thoughts that enter your head, avoid negative, fear-invoking content and rather surround yourself with gentle positivity before bedtime.

By keeping track of your pre-bedtime activities in relation to your dreams, you’ll soon figure out what it is that’s setting your mind racing off to fearsome places.

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